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Asia’s embrace of cultivated meat will bring industry leadership

History has shown that the longer countries wait to invest in the technologies of the future, the harder it is to ever catch up. Asia-Pacific governments and companies clearly see an opportunity to dominate the future of food production and are waving that flag proudly on the global stage.

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Samuel Goh

Samuel works closely with governments and civil society to establish an enabling regulatory and policy environment for the alternative protein sector. Prior to joining GFI, Samuel worked for over nine years in government affairs and public policy, including at the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), where he developed national policies to safeguard food safety and security. Samuel holds a master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Queensland and a bachelor’s in microbiology from the Queensland University of Technology. Samuel lives in Singapore.


Scaling slaughter-free meat is hard. Here’s one way to make it easier.

GFI APAC Managing Director Mirte Gosker spoke about how Singapore is scaling up cultivated meat production through international collaborations, and GFI Israel VP of Strategy and Policy Alla Voldman-Rantzer noted, “A platform that is funded by the government is probably the only way that one could put companies, industry partners, and academic groups together to work on collaborative R&D budgets.”