2023 APAC State of the Industry Report

Our inaugural report on the alternative proteins sector in APAC with a deep-dive into public and private funding, the R&D ecosystem, and sector progress from ideation to product commercialisation and market growth.

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Scaling up alternative proteins in Asia is crucial for driving down product costs and escalating production volumes around the world. Alt proteins also require further scientific innovation to compete on taste and texture with conventional meat, which technology hubs in APAC are particularly well-positioned to address. Additionally, collaborations between the private, public, and philanthropic sectors are essential for capital-intensive scaling, while strategic approaches like co-manufacturing and modular scale-out can bridge affordability gaps efficiently. As this comprehensive report shows, APAC’s proactive initiatives and diversified strategies are already starting to propel the expedition towards affordable and sustainable alternative protein solutions.

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This webinar on APAC’s alternative proteins sector covers public-private investments, the R&D and startup ecosystems, product development and launch, and market insights.

“Asia Pacific is the region with largest share of the global meat, seafood, and dairy production. And the protein market continues to grow, driven by increases in population and affluence. This arguably makes APAC the most important and the most attractive region for alternative protein investments, both from an impact and potential return perspective. That is why we focus on Asia Pacific, and despite the slowdown in overall VC funding, we have invested in around 10 innovative startups from across APAC in 2023 alone.”
michal klar, founding partner / better bite ventures