Publications and analyses

These resources take a deep dive into the science accelerating plant-based, fermentation-enabled, and cultivated meat, eggs, and dairy and share valuable insights about the state of alternative protein technologies.

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Plant-based fish

The science of plant-based meat

Learn about the science of plant-based meat. Discover resources and research on the latest technological developments and key scientific questions.

Plated dish of cultivated meat

The science of cultivated meat

Learn about the science of cultivated meat and the challenges that must be addressed for commercial production.

The science of fermentation

Learn about the emerging role of microbial fermentation in building the next generation of alternative protein products.

Global State of the Industry Report: Plant-Based Meat, Seafood, Eggs, and Dairy

This analysis of the plant-based meat, egg, and dairy market covers sales data, investment analytics, consumer insights, and more.

Global State of the Industry Report: Cultivated Meat and Seafood

This global analysis of the cultivated meat industry covers investments, consumer insights, and scientific progress in this growing market sector.

Global State of the Industry Report: Fermentation

This analysis of fermentation for alternative protein production covers science, entrepreneurship, policy, and industry investments.

2023 APAC State of the Industry Report

This analysis of APAC’s alternative proteins sector covers public-private investments, the R&D and startup ecosystems, product development and launch, and market insights.

Decoding Demand: The appetite for alternative proteins in Southeast Asia

This report aims to understand Southeast Asian consumer behaviours and attitudes towards plant-based and conventional meat. Check out our regional summary or download the full report for deeper insights.

The untapped potential of mung beans for alternative proteins

This science- and market-based analysis offers a roadmap for developing nutrient-dense, clean-label alternative proteins featuring mung beans—one of Asia’s most underutilised crops.

Cell line development and utilisation trends in the cultivated meat industry

This white paper explores actionable opportunities to increase the accessibility of cell lines, optimise their characteristics, and enhance their suitability to the cultivated meat production process, so as to create superior quality products at large scale and lower cost.

Japanese-language resources

An archive of research materials and reports on alternative proteins published in Japanese.

Korean-language resources

Your one-stop shop for Korean-language research materials and reports.

Manufacturing capacity landscape and scaling strategies for fermentation-derived protein

This analysis is focused on quantifying the global fermentation manufacturing capacity and evaluating effective pathways to meet market demand and enable technology development. 

Cultivating alternative proteins from commodity crop sidestreams

This report identifies high-value crop “leftovers” or sidestreams with tremendous potential for maximising food production via alternative proteins while cutting costs and environmental impacts of agricultural wastes. 

Cell culture media and growth factor trends in the cultivated meat industry

GFI and TurtleTree Scientific explore key insights from a 2020 cultivated meat industry survey that dives deep into current practices within the space, the direction and pace of progress, ways to close inefficiency gaps, and how to best meet manufacturer requirements.

Analyzing cell culture medium costs

This white paper explains different routes to lowering the cost of cell culture medium and making cultivated meat economically viable.

Formulating with animal-free ingredients

GFI scientists explain how ingredients derived from plants and fermentation can be used to create animal-free meat, egg, and dairy alternatives.

Meat by the molecule: Making meat with plants and cells (The Biochemist)

This article from The Biochemist provides a high-level overview of plant-based and cultivated meat.

Precision fermentation and cellular agriculture

Learn how cellular agriculture makes it possible to produce genuine animal protein through microbial precision fermentation.

Translating biomedical advances to cultivated meat (Biochemical Engineering Journal)

This peer-reviewed article discusses how advances from the biomedical cell culture industry can contribute to the development of cultivated meat.

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