Cell line development and utilisation trends in the cultivated meat industry

A comprehensive report on the utilisation and advancement of cell lines in the cultivated meat industry, including practical measures for meeting future demands for cell lines and characterisation requirements, as well as regulatory concerns.

Download Cell line development and utilisation trends in the cultivated meat industry

GFI APAC experts conducted an industry-wide survey to address the lack of publicly available data on cell line developments in the cultivated meat industry. The findings are summarised in this report to provide open-access information and support the sector’s growth. The survey revealed what companies believe are the most important terrestrial and aquatic species to source and highlighted bottlenecks in need of urgent resolution to help this smarter way of making meat scale up.

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“Cultivated meat has the potential to significantly affect the global food supply chain. However, like any new field, there are challenges hampering development including the scarcity of cell lines with attributes suitable for large-scale manufacturing, and lack of clarity and understanding of regulatory and safety requirements. This is a great opportunity for scientists, industry stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to collaborate to bring this potential through to reality, from research to commercial production and sales.”
andre choo boon hwa, Ph.D., Deputy executive DIRECTOR / bioprocessing technology institute (bTI), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)