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A world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.


  1. Believe change is possible: We bring determination and informed optimism to our work because we know a better food future is achievable.
  2. Do the most good we can: We focus our time and resources where they will make the biggest difference in order to maximise our donors’ support.
  3. Share knowledge freely: Good data, good science, and good strategy have the biggest impact when they are available to everyone.
  4. Act on evidence: Our strategy is grounded in data. We make decisions on the basis of research and the industry insights our experts uncover.
  5. Invite everyone to the table: We foster an inclusive, collaborative work culture. With the same spirit, we bring together a wide range of partners to advance our mission.


Current meat production is unsustainable and inefficient. It is a key driver of food insecurity, environmental degradation, and antibiotic-resistant disease.

Despite these risks, consumption of conventional meat and other animal proteins continues to surge—especially in Asia Pacific.

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We can cultivate protein directly from plants, microbes, and animal cells, which will strengthen food security, while mitigating climate change and public health risks.

By producing alternative proteins that taste as good as conventional meat (or better) and cost the same (or less), we can safely and sustainably feed Asia’s growing population without sacrifice.

Our areas of focus


Explore the science of plant-based, fermentation-enabled, and cultivated proteins. Discover research ideas, local funding opportunities, and open-access tools.


Learn how governments are addressing food security and public health challenges through regulatory leadership and public funding.

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Discover regional market opportunities, open-access resources, and expert guidance on effectively scaling up alt proteins in Asia.

How we’re funded

GFI APAC is 100 percent powered by philanthropy. Our progress is only possible thanks to gifts and grants from our global family of donors.

People around the world support our work because, together, we can transform our food system to mitigate food insecurity and environmental degradation, feed Asia’s growing population, and decrease the risk of zoonotic and antibiotic-resistant diseases.