Reimagining protein

Modernising meat production

Headquartered in Singapore, the Good Food Institute APAC is Asia’s leading alternative protein think tank, accelerating a shift towards a more secure, sustainable, and just food system through open-access food science R&D, corporate engagement, and public policy.

Globally, meat consumption is the highest it’s ever been. In Asia, experts have projected that meat and seafood demand will increase an additional 78 percent between 2018 and 2050.

By making meat, dairy, and eggs from plants or cultivating it directly from cells, we can modernise protein production, mitigate the environmental impact of our food system, decrease the risk of zoonotic disease, and ultimately feed more people with fewer resources. 

At GFI APAC, we’re building a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.

Developing the roadmap

Thanks to the support of our global family of donors, GFI APAC is developing the roadmap for a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply. We identify the most effective solutions, advance open-access research, bring new talent to the field, and empower partners.

Explore startup ideas, commercial opportunities, research projects, and investment priorities throughout the alternative protein supply chain.

This comprehensive analysis covers public-private investments, the R&D and startup ecosystems, product development and launch, and key market insights.

Learn about GFI’s open-access research, policy work, and other alt protein programmes—all powered by donors.

GFIdeas is a community for entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and government and corporate representatives who are driving alternative protein innovation globally.

Find your path in Singapore’s booming alternative protein sector using our interactive career guide, which equips you with job archetypes and descriptions, skills requirements, and local training programmes to excel in sustainable food production.

Taking good food global

Our food system is global. Our biggest challenges are global. Our solutions must be global as well.


GFI around the world

GFI is an international network of nonprofits strategically positioned to have the greatest possible impact on the global food system. These countries and regions have robust scientific ecosystems and governments that are committed to using innovation to solve global problems. In addition to GFI APAC, our network operates in five additional countries and regions: Brazil, Europe, India, Israel, and the United States.

Map of the world with GFI global locations on it
GFI Brazil

GFI Brazil

GFI Brazil is focused on advancing alternative proteins in Brazil, which boasts world-class agricultural universities working to efficiently feed the world, as well as a government and corporations committed to identifying the potential of native species. 

Group photo of GFI Brazil employees
GFI Europe

GFI Europe

GFI Europe is focused on advancing alternative proteins in Europe, which is home to much of the world’s scientific and commercial talent, and is one of the biggest potential markets for plant-based and cultivated meat.

Group shot of GFI Europe employees
©Barbara Evripidou/FirstAvenuePhotography.com
GFI India

GFI India

GFI India is the central expert organization, thought leader, and convening body in the Indian “alternative protein” or “smart protein” sector, accelerating this ecosystem in a nation on the cusp of becoming the world’s most populous. India has world-class scientific institutions and a government committed to using alternative proteins to address malnutrition and to spark robust economic growth.

GFI Israel

GFI Israel

The Good Food Institute Israel (GFI Israel) is a nonprofit think tank, working to harness the power of local alternative protein research and innovation to target the world’s climate, global health, food security, and biodiversity goals. As a catalyst for the entire sector, GFI Israel leverages the Israeli entrepreneurial mentality and partners with forward-thinking scientists, businesses, and policymakers to advance research and industry breakthroughs, and promote governmental support for alternative proteins.

Group photo of GFI Israel employees


Founded in 2016, GFI US is on a mission to identify the most effective solutions, mobilize resources and talent, and empower partners across the food system to make alternative proteins accessible, affordable, and delicious.

Photo of GFI US employees at a retreat, giving each other high fives

Strategic partners

Saurabh Bajaj
“GFI APAC plays a vital role as a force multiplier for Asia’s plant-based and cultivated protein sectors, working collaboratively to change the trajectory of food production by making it more sustainable and just. Their experts are on a first-name basis with many of the most important policy stakeholders and companies in the region—including mine—and deeply respected locally. When I need a reliable partner for a high-priority project, GFI APAC is my first call.”
Saurabh Bajaj, Director, Investments / Proterra Investment Partners
Elaine J. Cheung
“When I took on my role as CFO for Temasek’s Asia Sustainable Foods, GFI helped me get up to speed on learning about alternative protein. Their science-based research, industry coverage, and thought leadership has made them a valuable collaborator to our purposeful journey to meet the Asia food challenge.”
Elaine J. Cheung, board member / gfi apac
Maarten Geraets
“Alternative protein today is all about pioneering, and GFI provides immense support to the industry to make this category a global success. Through their support, advocacy, research, and networking, they are a key enabler of this important category for our future.”
Maarten Geraets, director of business development / thai instant products
David Yeung
“Going plant-based is the critical next step in human evolution. With innovation and science, we are on the cusp of a massive shift. The Green Monday Group is excited and proud to be part of the GFI ecosystem in driving global impact.”
David Yeung, FOUNDER AND CEO / GREEN MONDAY / omnifoods
Benjamin Smith
“Knowledge sharing is key if we are to bring novel foods to market safely and sustainably. GFI’s efforts to bring together consumers, industry, academics, and regulators to achieve our future food needs to be applauded!”
Carrie Chan
“The great work of GFI has given us irreplaceable support at the infancy of Avant Meats, the first cultivated meat technology company of China. GFI truly is the leader in the non-profit sector promoting alternative proteins. Their APAC team is super dedicated and highly effective in delivering results in a way that suits the culture in the region. We continue to benefit hugely from their resources, connections, and publicity we receive.”
Carrie chan, ceo / avant meats
William Chen
“No organisation is doing more to build out the scientific ecosystem in Asia than GFI. I have seen first-hand how their collaborative work with the Singapore government has accelerated support for vital research and guided investments towards the highest-impact areas. Reimagining Asia’s protein supply is a colossal project, but GFI’s work puts it within our grasp.”
William Chen, The Michael Fam Endowed Professor and Director of Food Science & Technology at Nanyang Technological University, Director of Singapore Agri-food Innovation Lab (SAIL)
Gautam Godhwani
“GFI APAC has been very helpful in facilitating connections within the alternative protein ecosystem, and bringing together stakeholders so we can have an ongoing dialogue. We’re excited about the role GFI is playing as the alternative protein ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region sees ongoing growth!”
Gautam Godhwani, MANAGING PARTNER / GOOD Startup
Ka Yi Ling
“GFI has been essential in connecting players globally. The talks, networking, and reports by GFI have been very helpful for industry players to stay up to date and form meaningful collaborations to continue making commercialization a reality for cultivated meats.”
Ka Yi Ling, Ph.D., venture creator
“GFI APAC is transforming the alternative protein sector and accelerating the adoption of plant-based foods that can appeal to the masses. From their advocacy efforts to their regulatory guidance and assistance for fast-growing startups like ours, GFI’s work is very important to support if we are serious about climate change mitigation.” 
Helga Angelina, co-founder and CEO / Burgreens & Green Rebel 

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Explore the science of plant-based, fermentation-enabled, and cultivated proteins. Discover research ideas, local funding opportunities, and open-access tools.


Learn how governments are addressing food security and public health challenges through regulatory leadership and public funding.

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Discover regional market opportunities, open-access resources, and expert guidance on effectively scaling up alt proteins in Asia.

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