Our Plant Protein Primer covers key considerations when selecting protein sources for plant-based foods.
The guide compares major plant protein sources on several characteristics, including nutrition, sourcing, availability, functionality, commercial stage, and cost.
Find profiles of 19 major protein sources including nutrition, functionality, price, and sourcing, and highlight an additional 25 emerging sources.
The guide also provides production profiles for major plant-based product categories, including plant-based meat & fish, milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs.

Download the Plant Protein Primer

GFI APAC’s Plant Protein Primer consolidates information on plant protein nutrition, functionality, price, availability and sourcing, and other key metrics.


  • A basic overview of plant proteins and choice parameters.
  • Full profiles of 19 plant protein sources, including a comparison on nutrition, functionality, price, flavor, and sourcing.
  • A quick glance at 25 emerging plant protein sources.
  • Strategies for combining different proteins.
  • Consumer perceptions.
  • Production profiles for major product categories.
  • Glossary and FAQs.

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Watch the webinar

GFI and special guest Chris Gregson of Greenstalk Food Consulting discuss the key characteristics of plant protein sources for alternative protein end products. The webinar covers an overview of the Plant Protein Primer and how to use it, as well as the landscape of major and emerging plant protein sources, processing considerations, and consumer perceptions.

Webinar intro slide with text that reads The Plant Protein Landscape next to images of legumes
Alternative protein kebabs on a plate with garnishes

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