Asian Cropportunities

A comprehensive summary of the many lucrative opportunities for Asian nations to supply raw materials for plant-based meat production.

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This report is aimed at the visionaries—whether you are an entrepreneur starting a plant-based venture, an investor searching for the next big thing, a food manufacturer seeking to diversify into plant-based offerings, or a policymaker looking for ways to capitalise on a rising sector and boost your country’s economy. After taking a close look at the fourteen raw materials and seven Asian countries featured in this report, you may find yourself asking “Am I sitting on a gold mine and just need to start digging?”

plate of mung beans

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Kyam Thu Htet
Asian Cropportunities highlights how our continent’s 350 million farmers continue to play a critical role in feeding our growing population, even as technological evolutions alter harvest and production methods. By ramping up the use of local ingredients for plant-based meat, farmers and technologists can work together to build a more resilient and sustainable food future for us all.”
KyaW Thu Htet, CEO / Myanmar Innovative Life Sciences