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Shuli Goh

Shuli is GFI’s Policy Specialist for the APAC region. Shuli leverages her expertise in geopolitical analysis to develop impactful policies that drive engagement and support for alternative proteins. Prior to joining GFI, she provided strategic geopolitical reads to the Singapore government and spearheaded initiatives to improve animal welfare. She holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and a BA (Hons) in Political Science from the National University of Singapore. Shuli lives in Singapore.

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Team Our Team

Ryan Huling

Ryan leads GFI’s communications and programs for the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining GFI, he was working as an international consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), based in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he focused on sustainable food systems and dietary change. Huling also previously served as an international director in the animal protection field and his work has been featured by major news outlets around the globe, including The Nikkei, South China Morning Post, The Straits Times, The Bangkok Post, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, USA Today, Business Insider, and WIRED. Ryan lives in Los Angeles.

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Team Our Team

Victoria Law

Victoria leads the finance control, legal compliance and human resources for GFI APAC. Victoria brings in over 15 years of experience in nonprofit and management roles to her work. For the past decade, Victoria has worked for a multinational nonprofit organization and been dedicated to advancing corporate responsibility and sustainability in helping children and their families. Victoria lives in Hong Kong.

Team Our Team

Thiruchelvi Rajagobal Reddy

Thiru maximises GFI’s impact and influence across Asia Pacific through digital content marketing for social media and other online platforms. Prior to joining GFI, Thiru worked at Acumen Academy Malaysia, overseeing the selection and recruitment process for their Fellowship Programme. In addition to her digital marketing experience, Thiru holds a master’s degree in geoscience and is a trained laboratory chemist with a passion for science publication and outreach. Thiru lives in Singapore.

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Team Our Team

Valerie Pang

Valerie is our Innovation Associate at GFI APAC, where she is involved in community building, university outreach, and supporting startups and investors in the alternative protein industry. Prior to GFI, she gained extensive experience working at various tech companies and startups in marketing and operational roles. She also previously co-founded a social enterprise. Valerie lives in Singapore. 

Team Our Team

Jennifer Morton

Jennifer is GFI APAC’s Corporate Engagement Specialist, working to widen and deepen engagement and partnerships across the alternative protein supply chain. Prior to joining GFI, Jennifer was a strategy consultant for over five years in the Netherlands and Singapore focused on sustainability, social impact, and agriculture. She has worked with multinationals, SMEs, agribusinesses, governments, financial institutions, and nonprofits in the agriculture sector and beyond to design sustainability strategies, develop inclusive supply chains, and forge multi-stakeholder partnerships for systems-wide change. Jennifer holds an MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility and an MA (Hons) in International Relations. Jennifer lives in Singapore.