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Plant-based meat’s success in Asia boils down to cost and outreach

In a recent study released by GFI APAC, “consumers were unequivocal that what they are truly craving is protein diversity, not wholesale replacement,” says Senior Communications Manager Ryan Huling. “That’s an audience worth speaking more directly to.”


Scaling slaughter-free meat is hard. Here’s one way to make it easier.

GFI APAC Managing Director Mirte Gosker spoke about how Singapore is scaling up cultivated meat production through international collaborations, and GFI Israel VP of Strategy and Policy Alla Voldman-Rantzer noted, “A platform that is funded by the government is probably the only way that one could put companies, industry partners, and academic groups together to work on collaborative R&D budgets.”


More local plant-based protein firms export to Europe, US

Consumers in Europe have “made clear” through demand and sales that they want the plant-based foods category to succeed, said Ms Mirte Gosker, Managing Director of alternative protein think-tank Good Food Institute Asia Pacific.


Islamic scholars rule on how to make lab-grown meat halal

GFI APAC Managing Director Mirte Gosker was featured in an article discussing the recent conclusions drawn by Sharia law scholars in Saudi Arabia on halal certification requirements for cultivated meat products. Excerpt: “This week’s ruling provides much-needed insight on what an approval roadmap might look like, and we expect that startups will immediately begin adapting their production processes to satisfy this new guidance.”


Asia will not get to net-zero without changing its diet

ARE determined that decarbonizing Asia’s protein system will require peaking industrial animal production no later than 2030, while simultaneously ramping up development of alternative proteins like meat, dairy and eggs made from plants, microbes and cultivated animal cells.

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Guest Column: Keeping Up with the Crustaceans

This article was written by Dr. Danai Georgiadou, a scientist from A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI). She also contributes to CRISP Meats, a multi-institutional research programme led by A*STAR to address challenges faced by the industry, and accelerate the development and production of cultivated meat and seafood through public-private partnerships.